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Welcome to Finish Kare

Finish Kare manufactures premier mold release products for the composite industry. Our complete line includes Mold Cleaners & Mold Sealers to prepare your mold, Wax & Non-wax based (semi-permanent) Mold Release agents for multiple easy releases & Compounds and Polishes to shine, protect and rejuvenate your molds and molded parts.

We also create a full line of Car and Marine care products to clean, shine & beautify your vehicles. Products include cleaners, compounds & polishes, Tire Dressings, Waxes and Paint Sealants to name a few.

Quality Products

Mold Release Products

This section provides information for the products used in the three key steps in the preparation of molds: Cleaners, Compounds and Polishes, Mold Sealants, and Mold Release Agents

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Car Care Products

Welcome to Car Care Products: Finish Kare’s products are valued by Professionals and auto enthusiast for its quality, performance, value, and, of course, results.

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Marine/Boat Care Products

Finish Kare’s Marine Products include wash shampoos, degreasers, compunds, polishes and specialty waxes and sealants for gel coat surfaces. It also includes all types of products to take care of various surfaces found in and around boats, RVs and big crafts.

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Proven Success…

A knack for providing the best for professionals for over 30 years

After proving his success in automotive products, Floyd started to dabble into Mold Release line around 1980 and that also became best of its kind and has been used by many professionals world wide with outstanding results. Currently over 50% of Mold Release business is overseas and is distributed by prominent distributors such as Ashland, Composites One, NAC, etc…

JJ Jhaveri was a long-time friend of Floyd’s since 2000, while competing w/ Finish Kare in automotive market but they did some joint work together. JJ acquired Finish Kare from Floyd’s family members in 2006 after Floyd’s passing in 2005. JJ has Chemical Engineering degrees from IIT, Powai, Bombay (Now Mumbai) and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. He has a strong bent in technical formulations and applied science. JJ and his staff are very passionate about the customer service and are very responsive to customer needs. Thank you for your business and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Excelent website, great products, been using them for last 8 years, perfect team, JJ is the best.

Anand Panchabhai

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