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FINISH KARE is glad to provide samples to its distributors and potential distributors. Please be judicious and request no more than 10 samples. Your sample request would be edited for its appropriateness after discussing with you. Thanks for your inquiry.

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Request samples from the following product lists (Please limit your request to 10-15 samples)
Mold Release Products
#69: Mold Cleaner & Stripper
#135-80: Polymer Mold Cleaner & Wax Remover
#80: Liquid Mold Cleaner
#86: Seal Kote
Mold Release Agents-Non Wax Based
#135T: Polymer Release Agent
Mold Release Agents-Wax Based
#333MR: Blue Wax
#1000P: Hi-Low Paste Wax
#888: Max Mold Release Paste Wax
#1000L: Hi-Low Liquid Wax
Compounds & Polishes
#103: Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner
#440-5: Polishing Compound
#600: White Fine Rubbing Compound (Paste)
#923: Micro Polishing Compound
#330: Mini Buff
Additional Waxes
#68: Edge Wax
#604B: Mold Sealer & Release Agent
Supplementary Products
PVA by Finish Kare
#PV-6: Spray or Brush Release Agent
#641C: Surfacing Agent
Car Care Products
Exterior & Interior Shampoos and Degreasers
#1016: Poly-Wash & Wax Concentrate - Anti-Static
#121: Ultimate Interior Cleaner
#118SC: Super Concentrated Shampoo

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