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After departing from the family business in the early 1960's FLOYD MEGUIAR out to create a new company, one that would live up to his grandfathers vision and philosophy "Never sell a product until you are convinced it is the finest product of its kind in the World". From this, in 1964, Finish Kare was born. The vision and philosophy lives on.

    Over the last four decades the paint finishes on literally millions of vehicles have been protected, preserved and restored using a Finish Kare product. As one of the most respected companies in the industry Mr. Meguiar and his staff have worked along side the major automotive manufactures to solve and prevent paint related issues including paint contamination caused by industrial fallout and acid rain (Solved Using the Paint Decontamination System which includes # 1119 & 883). As a result, there have been numerous manufacturer bulletins authorizing the exclusive use of Finish Kare Products to solve or prevent a variety of finish related issues. With such a rich history in the automotive industry around the world it is still ironic that the name Finish Kare is still virtually unknown to most. Finish Kare puts their products before the marketing and lets the quality sell it self.

    The focus of Finish Kare is to develop manufacture and distribute a full line of products that are designed to clean, protect, restore, preserve and enhance the finishes on a wide variety of surfaces. At its core is the automotive industry where the customers include Automotive Dealerships, Detail Shops and even the enthusiast.

    Due to the exceptional nature of the products the scope and use has spread far beyond this to include marine, aerospace and recreational vehicles. Additionally, Finish Kare is one of the worlds premier providers of mold prep and mold release products used in a wide range of manufacturing which includes fiberglass and cultured marble industries.

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