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Compounds & Polishes  
Compounds & Polishes

Mold surfaces get damaged and warped due to wear and tear of constant use and heat generated during exothermic reactions from the resins. The compounds and polishes listed below are used to repair the molds periodically to make them work like new. They extend the life of molds by getting more use out of them and, as an added bonus, better quality parts are produced.


#103: Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner
Code : # 103
Heavy Duty Compound for buffing out heavy residue and scratches.

#440-5: Polishing Compound
Code : # 440-5
Contains aluminum oxides for cutting and polishing action.

#600: White Fine Rubbing Compound (Paste)
Code : # 600
Fast cutting compound that can be applied by hand or machine.

#923: Micro Polishing Compound
Code : # 923
For real fine and smooth surfaces due to it's polishing action.

#330: Mini Buff
Code : # 300
Fine polishing compound for the final machine polish and dressing of molds.

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